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FUNKY Hearts Pin.png


Funky Hearts is the evolution of my genesis collection, Funky Heart, which I had to stop 28 pieces in due to it being on Opensea's own storefront contract. To futureproof my work and those who have bought into my happiness, I made the difficult descision to leave that collection and start a new one. 
The collection now resides on its own ERC-721 contract made through Thirdweb.

The art is based on a drawing of an anatomical heart I made many years ago.
I've always been fascinated by anatomy and it also happens to go with my favourite saying; "I wear my heart on my sleeve."

Additionally, this isn't your average digital collection on the blockchain. I'm using this collection as my portfolio and allowing anyone who connects with a certain piece to collect a part of my artistic journey.

This collection has unexpectedly become something very dear to me and I have a bigger vision for it beyond the digital sphere.

Keep your eyes peeled for little sneaky previews and announcements on X by following me on my personal account: @Cynthia_stnkmp

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