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I've been very fortunate to have done some amazing collaborations in the time I've been in the NFT space. On this page you'll find the pieces I've been a part of as well as additional information about the people I've worked with. All inspiring artists who I want to shine a light on.

The Wee Wizard Willy
Dave DarthSide x Cynthia Steenkamp

My first collaboration was with the mad genius that is Dave/Darthside/Van Goatee/MixedRealityMan (and whatever else you want to call him).

He had written a little story and needed an illustration for it. This was one of my first digital pieces outside of my Funky Heart collection I had ever done.

Dave is an amazing creative/builder/programmer.

He has built his own Ai engine which is open for anyone to use complete with tutorials and streams for anyone who wants to give it a try.

For more on Dave, follow him on twitter:

@MixedRealityMan (Dave Darthside)

The Capitalist Heartbeat.gif

The Capitalist Heartbeat
CoinLaundry x Funky Heart

A collaboration piece made for a contest which could not have turned out any better! Major thanks to CoinLaundry for the animation which made this piece my favourite piece by him.

CoinLaundry is a tongue-in-cheek pop-art social commentary collection which talks about the dark side of money and society.

Coin is always evolving and growing, keep your eyes on him.

For more on Coinlaundry, follow him on twitter:
@nftcoinlaundry (Coinlaundry.nft)

Trog Heart

Troglodyte Society x Funky Heart

A piece made to raise funds for the monthly events Troglodyte Society holds for various communities in Sierra Leone where the founder of the project is from.

Troglodyte Society does so much good and has had a huge impact on so many people in the community by showing what can be done with NFTs. 

For more on Troglodyte Society, follow them on Twitter:
@TroglodyteSoci1 (Troglodyte Society)

Funky Nana.jpg

NanaMarieartsy x Funky Heart

I was so excited when NanaMarie reached out to do a collaboration. She is a watercolour artist who has a beautiful sense of putting together colour palettes.

Our piece is a deeply meaningful one.
It's about the healing of the heart.
The lotus symbolises purity, enlightenment and rebirth.

For more on NanaMariertsy, follow her on Twitter:
@nanamarieartsy (NanaMarieArtsy)


The Cynthoid
Vyber Space x Funky Heart

Oh boy do I love Vyber's vision.

This piece has my first 3D heart on it which took me a ridiculous time to figure out but was worth while as it gave birth to a new heart for me to use.

Vyber is a storyteller with multiple collections of vibrant eclectic works.
His mission is to create representation where he didn't see himself growing up. 

For more about Vyber, follow him on Twitter:

@Champ_Vyber (Champ_Vyber)

Funky Heart x Secret Project

Secret Project x Funky Heart

A collaboration which was long time coming.
I'm a huge fan of Secret Project and I did not know what to expect from this collab.

She took my heart template and created a beautiful art piece. This was such a fun collab and we kept tweaking it until it felt right.

Secret became known to me through her pop-art Ukiyo characters. She has since continued to evolve and grow as an artist by exploring and experimenting with Ai.

For more about Secret, follow her on Twitter:
@SecretProyect (Secret Project)

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