Funky Heart Genesis

Funky Heart is a collection born from the saying "I wear my heart on my sleeve".

I drew this base many years ago during a strange time in my life and it ended up in a folder until late summer 2021.

During a meltdown I took a picture of the piece and imported it to my tablet in an attempt to calm myself by drawing which has always been a comfort for me. 

Before I knew it I had a decent sized base collection and while I was listening to a podcast episode of Coindesk I heard about NFTs. I decided to see what it was about and uploaded my first few images to Opensea in late November 2021.

There's a total of 29 Genesis Funky Hearts in my genesis collection which was minted on Opensea.

Funky Hearts

I dipped my toe into digital art for the first time in August 2021. I started with some very basic tools and in April of 2022 I decided to start my new collection; Funky Hearts.

Funky Hearts is the evolution of my genesis Funky Heart. I love the anatomical heart far too much to leave it behind, it carries too much meaning and represents a new stage in my life where I finally decided to refer to myself as an artist.

I have grown confident in my digital art skills and am very aware of how little I know. I'm using this collection to document my growth and will continue to use it as my coping mechanism to keep myself sane. 

So yeah, welcome to Funky Hearts!
My collection which will not have any utility beyond being art and is minted on an ERC-721 contract. 


Funky Hearts on

And finally, because I absolutely love my Funky Hearts and love experimenting, I have now created a collection for editions on the Tezos marketplace

I've wanted to do editions of particular types of pieces for a while and now that I'm more comfortable in my abilities I thought it was a good time to start offering a lower entry price to be part of the Funky Heart gang.