How to buy NFTs!

An easy to follow guide to what you'll need to make your first purchase on the Polygon blockchain.
Additional guides and helpful videos can be found below.


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Before you can trade on a marketplace you're going to need a wallet.

A wallet is where the NFTs you buy will be sent and that's where you keep the currency you are going to be trading for NFTs. Depending on which marketplace you decide to go with you might need different wallets as well as currencies.

Each wallet has a unique address which generally consists of a bunch of letters and numbers.

When you set up a wallet you get a seed phrase, this phrase is super important and I recommend you write it down somewhere and keep it safe. The seed phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet. If you lose it, there's no way of getting to your wallet again.


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Now that you have your wallet and have found the art you want to buy, you need currency to make it happen!

But before you transfer your currency, make sure to add the Polygon Network to your MetaMask wallet if you're going to make a purchase on the Polygon Network. I have linked the guide I used to do this below in "Additional resources".

The easiest way to get currency to your wallet is through a crypto exchange such as ,Binance or Coinbase. 


Always make sure you know what currency you need in your wallet as it does vary. Opensea for example uses Ethereum and Ethereum on the Polygon Network. Polygon minting sites in general use Polygon/Matic.

Additionally some marketplaces such as Opensea for example, have introduced card payments for NFTs which can cut out all the steps above but can cost a bit more in the long run.

Adding Polygon Network to MetaMask:

Once you have your Metamask wallet you will need to add the Polygon Network manually to access it.

To add a new network go to:
Select “Settings” > select “Networks” > Hit the button “Add Network”.

Add the following details to corresponding fields:

Network Name:


Chain ID:

Currency Symbol:

Block Explorer URL:

Additional resources :

Below I've listed a few additional helpful links and videos related to NFT buying and currency bridging.

Getting Polygon on Metamask:

Learn how to set up your Metamask wallet and how to add the Polygon Network to your wallet through an easy to follow guide by Binance Academy.

Bridging Ethereum to Polygon on Opensea:

A guide on how to bridge Ethereum in your wallet to buy on the Polygon chain on Opensea.
A guide by Opensea.

Polygon Wallet & Tools:

A page where you can find how to set up your own Polygon wallet, bridge between networks as well as stake on the Ethereum blockchain.

Umbria Network:

Umbria Network is a platform for cross-chain bridging at a faster speed as well as lower cost. The site also offers staking in various crypto currencies.

Tutorials by Matty:

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