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Funky Heart

It has taken me a lifetime to stop listening to the nay-sayers and dive head first into what I truly am passionate about. I've always been a creative at heart and up until the discovery of NFT's I wasn't sure about how to find a place in the art world.

I created my first digital piece late summer of 2021 and as they say, the rest is history. Funky Heart was born and I will never look back. The blockchain has been an interesting way for me to record how I've grown as an artist and share with the world what I learn. 

My self-portrait photography has come a long way since I first started exploring my own image in front of the camera. Today I'm confident in creating pieces I can proudly share with the world. My view of myself has changed dramatically since my teens which were very turbulent and emotional. This collection is a love letter to my younger self, my effort to show her that I am allowed to be everything I want to be and don't need to stay in one box.

A set of new eyes.

Body Positivity

Something we as women get taught far too early is that our value lies in our appearances and that we have to fit a mould to be accepted and find happiness. All marketing gibberish which I've learned to reject in recent years after many years of being trapped in the vortex of diets, self-hate and comparing myself with other more "appealing" figures. This is my rebellion against the norm and brainwashed image of what we need to be. The Odd Bits is my love letter to all who don't feel seen and represented in mainstream media and beauty.

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